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Meditation is absolutely positively the best way to soothe anxiety, adapt to change, and improve mood.

But where to start? Start right here, with a meditation snack!

Meditation doesn’t have to be a big deal and you don’t even have to be good at it to receive immediate benefits. Isn’t that a relief? ✨

Join Napa Valley Yoga Center’s teachers for a quick snack… just 5 minutes will make you feel better, we promise.

All meditations are FREE, please enjoy and forward to your friends and family. 👍

PS: We also offer over 20 live online yoga classes every week… all are welcome! Gentle yoga, chair yoga, plus challenging athletic styles of yoga and everything in between. Check out our online yoga page, and join us. 🙏

Clear the Noise Meditation

5-minute meditation with Elizabeth Van Emst

About this meditation:
So Hum means “I am that.” This is a simple mantra meditation that helps to clear the noise and hear our inner answers to questions we might have. Journaling prompt provided at the conclusion of the meditation.

Calming Anxiety Meditation

5-minute meditation with Diana Eisiminger

About this meditation:
Release tension and tightness and invite new, calm energy into your mind. Simply follow along with the instruction, settling into a fresh, relaxed space.

Calm Concentration Meditation

5-minute meditation with Brenda Moran

About this meditation:
This meditation employs simple breath retention (known as Kumbakha Pranayama) to increase calm and concentration.

Morning Meditation

5-minute meditation with Nicole Hall

About this meditation:
A reminder of your beautiful clear mind to start your day. When you begin the day with clarity, you’ll feel the difference all day.

Identifying Limiting Beliefs Workbook

Personal growth worksheets created by Ashley Darling

About this meditation:
This workbook cultivates awareness of one’s thoughts, beliefs, and thus, reality. Become the observer, with non-judgement, as you courageously step in front of the mirror.

Ocean of Peace Meditation

5-minute meditation with Andrew Moore

About this meditation:
Focusing on the breath, this meditation uses a visualization and mantra to lead naturally to a deep state of inner peace.