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Elizabeth Van Emst

Vinyasa yoga

As soon as I walked into my first yoga class in 2003, I knew that becoming a yoga teacher was part of my satya, my truth. From that point forward I dedicated myself to the practice. Fourteen years of yoga later, I stepped into that truth more fully when I completed my Vinyasa yoga teacher training at Napa Valley Yoga Center.

My favorite asana is “bird of paradise”, which requires strength, balance, and grace. It is representative of the manifestation of the inner strength I know my students have, and of my teaching style overall. Drawing inspiration from my background in dance and choreography, as well as Anusara, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa, I create challenging yoga classes that surpass exercise and seek to evoke profound joy. My classes are based on intuitive sequencing, constant flow linked with breath, a powerful playlist and most importantly, challenging each of my students to fully access their inner strength and inner joy.