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Completing your 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Napa Valley Yoga Center is a special experience. We’ve worked to create a robust program full of fun experiences, rigorous instruction, and all the tools you need to be a successful yoga teacher. Just a few qualities that make the Napa Valley Yoga Center Yoga Teacher Training program special:


The Napa Valley Yoga Center Yoga Teacher Training Program is designed to elevate your personal practice and define your unique value as a teacher. Subjects are progressively interwoven over the course of the program so that you’ll feel how the elements of yoga come together to form a complete system.

We’ve designed unique experiences within the program to help you apply yogic knowledge to daily life and to be able to impart these insights to others. Through guided practices, field trips, participatory events, small group exercises, and discussions, you’ll be actively involved every step of the way. The curriculum is paced so that you’ll never feel overwhelmed, but rather engaged and uplifted.

Napa Valley Yoga Center's teacher training program was extremely comprehensive. I walked out of the program feeling confident that I could step into a studio to teach, while understanding that I'll always be a student of yoga. The instructors are knowledgeable, intuitive, patient, and some of the most supportive people I have ever met. I feel forever changed by this process! –Annie, Fall 2018 graduate
I would highly recommend the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Napa Valley Yoga Center. I have been a regular yoga practitioner for over 2 years and the teacher training has significantly improved both my yoga practice and understanding of yoga principles. The support, kindness and true honesty of everyone involved in the training is what resonates most with me and is the essence of what drives my ongoing yoga journey. And yes it is a lot of fun. –Brendon, Spring 2018 graduate


You will start to practice teaching on your second day of training, and you’ll teach nearly every day of training. By teaching early and often, you will quickly gain confidence which will allow you to relax and to let your unique gifts shine. In this way, every student finds his or her voice.

Your voice is something that comes from within you; it doesn’t mean sounding like your favorite yoga teacher. Your voice as a yoga teacher is a reflection of who you are, and something you will discover through the Yoga Teacher Training program. Through the knowledge you’ll gain throughout the program, the practice you’ll get, and the support of your instructors and fellow students, you will find a level of confidence and comfort that will show in every class you lead.


Our program encourages students to connect with their inner self and with each other, and most of all to have fun. Our faculty brings their heart and soul to what they do, and are dedicated to bringing out the best in every student. During the program, we guarantee you’ll laugh! The environment we create is one where every student can feel open to express, grow, and create something magical.

Contact studio owners Amy and Peter Hall directly to discuss your interest in becoming a certified yoga teacher.

I offer highest regards for my trainers at Napa Valley Yoga Center. After Yoga Teacher Training I feel well prepared and supported as I assume my new role as yoga teacher. The best part of this journey is that I have gained new friends for life. –Liliana, Fall 2018 graduate