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Patrick Fitzpatrick

Front desk

Hello friends, with a name like mine, many nicknames come right along with it. You can call me Fitz, Patrick or any other fun creative names that come to mind. In general, I just like to have a good time and have a good laugh while on this journey through time.

I found the beauty of yoga when living in Spain with a dear friend and yogi. Since then I find a great deal of peace and internal guidance through practicing yoga. I find myself lucky to have found such an amazing community in Napa to offer this and more with some amazing like-minded individuals.

Outside of the studio, I find great joy in music. Whether it’s listening or playing, i believe music can ease our troubled minds and anxious souls in a magical way that can only be felt. Thus I find myself in a band called Ramble, where I hope to express this message to those who are willing to listen.

Aside from that, you will find me traveling to the coast for balance with Mother Ocean where I enjoy playing in her waves and on her sandy shores. If not there, I may be happily lost somewhere in the wild mountains with a backpack on my shoulders and friends by my side.