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Annette More

Restorative, Yin and Hatha Yoga

Yoga feeds my soul.  For many years I searched for something that challenged my body and helped me disconnect from the chaos of life. However, Yoga did not appear to be physically challenging enough so, I disregarded it for years. In my mid 40’s I finally gave it a try and immediately fell in love. Practicing Yoga has taught me to let go of striving for perfection and to simply accept my practice, and my body’s ability as it is in that moment. After practicing for 10+ years I decided I could not keep this new found Yoga-love to myself and I chose to become a teacher. Yoga is magic! It has eliminated many of my physical ailments, and I feel flexible, strong, nimble, and love the amazing things my body can do when my mind gets out of the way. Yoga helps me disconnect from everything around me, connect to my higher-self, and spread more positive energy to the world. I hope we get to practice together some day to share in the magic of yoga.