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Amy Hall

Teacher, Reiki practitioner

I started practicing yoga 20 years ago. It’s interesting looking back; my practice was intermittent at first, then more and more frequent and devoted over time. In 2012, I began my daily meditation practice, a natural outgrowth from yoga asana. One day it finally dawned on me how yoga has had a huge influence on my life: better balance both physically and emotionally, a more steady, positive outlook on life, greater strength and flexibility inside and out, plus a cherished community of friends.

Peter and I have practiced together for over 13 years, learning and evolving together, which has been a wonderful part of our relationship. I can vouch for the fact that yoga is great for couples.

To me, yoga is like a fountain of youth. Year after year, I continue to enjoy ongoing benefits: balance (inside and out), posture, strength, positive outlook, energy…thanks to yoga. Plus, yoga is so enjoyable. Even when it’s challenging, it gives me pleasure. Yoga makes me feel good.

Yoga reminds me of the life lesson I get every time I fly somewhere: “Put the oxygen mask over your own face before helping others.” In other words, self-care is vital for me to be able to offer my best to others. Yoga helps me offer more love, generosity, patience, and presence.