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In-person workshops are postponed until shelter-at-home is lifted.

Apr 4

Why Yoga Works: Demystifying the Subtle Body


This workshop is postponed due to shelter-at-home quarantine. Stay tuned for new date!

Awareness heals. The way to own your yoga practice is to understand it. In this workshop, we’ll explore somatics (mind-body integration) to break through the mystique that surrounds yoga, integrating modern science with traditional yogic teachings. In this comprehensive 3-hour workshop, you will:

  • develop awareness of your own mind-body system and leave with a body map of how common groups of postures inform your physical and energetic body.
  • learn which postures ground you, and how to handle postures that trigger you.
  • challenge what it means to have an advanced yoga practice.
  • develop a practical toolkit to guide your practice and increase your intuition.

This workshop will feature in-depth lecture, asana practice, meditation, and breathwork. You have the power to unleash the healing potential of yoga!

Anne Seveska holds an MA in Clinical Psychology and is a practicing Somatic Therapist as well as a certified yoga teacher. Diana Eisiminger is a Napa Valley Yoga Center yoga teacher and holistic health coach.

Yoga Alliance registered yoga teachers: This seminar earns 3 contact hours of Yoga Alliance approved Continuing Education credits.

Apr 18

Ayurveda Symposium


Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of healing and wellness. This traditional science of self-care supports each individual’s healing power, recognizing his or her strengths and imbalances.  It empowers you to manifest physical, psychological, and nutritional change through remedies and treatments geared to your specific constitution (your Doshic makeup). If you’ve been curious to learn more about Ayurveda, this is your chance. Tony Howell is a Napa Valley Yoga Center yoga teacher with certification in Ayurvedic Clinical Foundations from the Dhyana Center.

  • Discover your own Ayurvedic Dosha… hint: it may be more than one!
  • Learn specific healing methods, yoga poses, breath techniques, and foods for your Dosha, to promote health.
  • Ask questions about Ayurveda in this fast-paced interactive learning format, and receive handouts to further your education.
  • BONUS! Enjoy delicious vegetarian dishes tuned to each Dosha, prepared by Chef Peter Hall

Apr 24

Karma: Liberating Our Past


In this seminar with Courtney Willis, we will be exploring our inherited past while forgiving ourselves and others who have contributed to our present. The seminar will involve short meditations, journaling, and time for open discussion. All are welcome.

This seminar is no cost, and all donations (suggested donation $10) will go to Milestones of Development, providing comprehensive quality services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.