Tony Howell

Hatha yoga

Yoga is about being in the present moment, and it begins with the breath. Providing space for students (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually); allowing them the opportunity to connect with their breath is an emphasis in my classes. The breath is amazing; allowing us to be stronger, calmer, more equanimous versions of ourselves. Synchronizing the mind, body, and spirit by utilizing the breath as the mediator allows practitioners to create more space in asanas, hold challenging asanas longer, maintain stability/balance (physically and mentally), and to be more in the present moment all at the same time! I encourage students to let the breath be more interesting than the asanas, exploring the asanas around the function of the breath rather than trying to compromise the breath into what they are attempting to do with their body.

I showed interest in the body and the mind at an early age. I naturally pursued educational degrees in psychology and kinesiology. In addition to teaching and practicing yoga, I bring years of experience as an athlete, coach, and strength and conditioning specialist. I try to meet each student where they are while helping them to evolve into their truer selves.

Practice with Tony:

Connect & Flow every Friday at 4:30pm