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Erin Perna

Front desk

Hello friends!
I have had a long love affair with yoga. My first yoga class was with my Mom when I was in my early teens. During that time I struggled with flexibility and stillness. I was strong, but unable to connect with my mind and body in a deeper, more meaningful way. As a collegiate swimmer, I began to struggle with complications from scoliosis. After countless physical therapy sessions I was recommended yoga and found a regular practice that sparked a shift in my life. I became more connected to my body as I used yoga as a tool to heal and release. Everyday I continue to explore and find expansiveness in my body, heart, and mind through movement, attention to breath, patience, and love. Because of that I have found myself working at the front desk of Napa Valley Yoga Center. When I am not at Napa Valley Yoga Center you can find me in nature, spending time with people I love, learning, or traveling.