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Health & wellness beyond the mat
Napa Valley Yoga Center / WELLNESS PARTNERS


A holistic approach to health and wellness extends beyond the yoga mat. Whether you’re looking for deep relaxation or to meet specific health goals, here are Napa Valley Yoga Center’s preferred wellness partners:


with Courtney Willis & Rebecca Hafkemeyer

We believe that regular massage and bodywork are essential for overall good health and well-being. It is so easy in our busy days of work, family, and other daily tasks to focus more on giving than receiving. We take our minds and bodies to the end of the tether and allow opportunity for fatigue, stress, and sickness to take over. Taking time for yourself through yoga, exercise, eating well and relaxation is key to staying happy, healthy and at your best.

Napa Valley Yoga Center features a gorgeous bodywork room that it is home to two amazingly talented, experienced, intuitive, healing massage therapists.

Appointments available:


Please note: Massage services are provided by independent and licensed massage therapists. Napa Valley Yoga Center does not manage these individuals, their communication, scheduling and availability, payments, or any other factors involved in delivering massage services and/or business operations.

Lucia N°03

with Jessica Huyser

What is Lucia N°03?
(a) a way to effortlessly access deep meditative states
(b) a vivid hallucinogenic experience with zero drugs or after-effects
(c) a pathway to personal insights
(d) a profound exploration of consciousness

The answer is all of the above. Maybe you are curious-but-nervous about the potential of psychedelics, or are interested in stilling the mind for meditation. Lucia N°03 is an experience for everyone.

About the experience: Lucia N°03 is a machine that displays flickering white light in a programmed pattern while you relax with your eyes closed. It sounds so simple, and it is… but you will be astounded by its effects. Although Lucia N°03 uses technology, it is not a gimmick or a shortcut… it simply prompts built-in capacities of your own mind. Participants describe feelings of spaciousness, oneness, peace, perspective & enhanced creativity.

Book your session:
We’re partnering with Lucid Holistics to offer both private and group Lucia N°03 sessions at Napa Valley Yoga Center. Your introductory guided session is 30 minutes, then choose guided sessions between 30 minutes & 1 hour.

Learn more about the Lucia N°03 experience at bayarealightcollective.com or contact Jessica at ‪(415) 289-9489 or or by email to learn more, or book your session now by clicking below. For an individual session, both our bodywork room & Studio Be have availability. For a group session with your friends, choose Studio Be:

Lucia N°03: Book 1-4 people (in Studio Be)

Molly WinshipPILATES

with Molly Winship

Pilates is about deliberate, focused movements with attention to proper form and alignment.  When we have the right tools, it’s possible to create ease and comfort in our bodies, along with improved fitness, regardless of the reasons that may hold us back.  Pilates improves posture, core strength, flexibility, and overall fitness, even with physical limitations or injuries.  It’s a wonderful compliment to yoga as it uses the breath and mind-body connection. Try adding Pilates to your yoga practice and see how you feel! Molly has over 15 years of experience teaching Pilates and is a bright, positive light. We’re thrilled to welcome her Pilates classes right here at Napa Valley Yoga Center.

Pilates at Napa Valley Yoga Center:

  • Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri:  12pm to 1pm

$15 per class, or 10 classes for $120, paid directly to the teacher. Contact Molly at 707.815.1942 or email her directly. Please contact Molly directly if you’re new to Pilates, as she does ask people who join her class to have at least an introductory level understanding….she’s happy to bring you up to speed quickly!


with China Rose

China Rose Wellness is passionate about meeting people where they are in their journey and, through inspiration, education, and motivation, supporting them in feeling better than they ever thought was possible. Their healing tools include:

  • customized food recommendations
  • stress relief techniques
  • holistic fitness coaching
  • medicinal herbs
  • food-sourced nutritional supplements
  • making changes towards a healthier lifestyle one step at a time.

China Rose has also come to be known as the “hormone lady” in Napa after many positive testimonials from women who dealt with PMS symptoms, PCOS, fertility challenges, and menopausal “turbulence”. Her approach is to help nourish and strengthen a women’s body so that she can produce healthier amounts of hormones naturally and feel like herself again.

Contact China Rose Wellness to schedule a complementary consultation.


with Rachel Kohn Obut

Want more veggies, fruits, & flowers in your life? Little Moon Farm in Napa is growing the freshest local produce available, using all organic and sustainable growing methods. Sign up for their weekly CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box to receive 12+ items of seasonal produce with lots of leafy greens, all kinds of vegetables, some fruit and culinary herbs, plus a weekly farm newsletter with recipes and opportunities to visit the farm. Weekly produce boxes are available for pickup right here at Napa Valley Yoga Center or by home delivery May through November.

The Little Moon Farm CSA offers an accessible and affordable way to eat healthy and local. Full-Season Memberships and flexible Traveler’s Memberships are offered, as well as the optional weekly flower bouquet.

Rachel Kohn Obut has been farming (and practicing yoga!) for over twelve years. She’s a frequent face at Napa Valley Yoga Center. When she’s not practicing yoga, she’s got her hands in the organic soil of her 1-acre farm right here in Napa.

Learn more at Little Moon Farm website, or contact Rachel directly with questions.


with Tom Collins

It feels good to be held and have someone to hold. Cuddling has so many benefits! Platonic touch therapy can help with:
  • managing anxiety and depression
  • reducing stress
  • developing a sense of empowerment
  • improving body image and self-esteem
  • working through past touch-related trauma, and more.

As a trained Cuddlist touch practitioner, Tom follows a strict code of conduct that ensures your session will feel comfortable and secure. Sessions based on mutual consent and open communication move at your speed and comfort level. Cuddling sessions can be at your home, Tom’s home in Napa, or Napa Valley Yoga Center. Tom is accepting of all ages, ethnicities, genders, body types and identities, and is LGBTQ-friendly: all people can and should enjoy the benefits of nurturing platonic touch.

Contact Tom or learn more from his Cuddlist profile.


with Diana Eisiminger

Diana is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She is committed to guiding and supporting her clients as they make changes within their life in order to live more fully. Through her one-on-one Evolved Wellness Immersion Program, she helps individuals break free from the “band-aids and quick fixes” mentality and physically. She supports them by creating small, incremental changes to their lifestyle and nutrition for lifelong healing, love and happiness. With her online and in-person coaching business, Evolved Wellness, Diana has been able to support her clients with living better physically, mentally, and emotionally by:

  • developing a positive mindset and setting attainable goals
  • weight loss through nutrition counseling and meal preparation
  • beginning a yoga and meditation practice for mind, body and spirit
  • healing from past trauma and residual negative energy
  • changing careers
  • daily self care routines
  • finding self love, trust and respect

Contact Diana to set up your complimentary consultation.


with Kalisara Dittrich, Ph.D.

We all want to feel more whole.  We all want to heal.  As a Reiki healer and Founder of Kali-Ki Reiki, and as a psychotherapist and meditation and yoga teacher, Kalisara has been offering holistic healing services in the Napa Valley for over 30 years.  She will help you listen to body, mind, and heart to get an in-depth glimpse into your original nature, that You underneath the stress, turmoil and trauma of daily life, where deep peace abides.  Kalisara offers Reiki Healing  and Listening Heart Guidance sessions, teaches you how to practice Reiki for yourself and others, and coaches you in your meditation practice.
In sessions with Kalisara as your healer and guide you can:
  • Experience profound and transformative relaxation
  • Release long-held anxiety and trauma from body and mind
  • Be listened to in a way that heals the heart
  • Deepen your own spiritual practices and learn new ones with Kalisara as your guide
  • Learn how to heal other and yourself.

Contact Kalisara to begin your journey of healing.


Teens Connect

Teens Connect supports, engages, and empowers teenagers through programs centered around art and wellness, peer support and volunteer projects. They collaborate with local school districts, mental health organizations, and businesses to provide a comprehensive network of support for our youth. Their inclusive programs are carefully and strategically designed to enable teens to develop confidence, independence, and empathy.

Learn more about how Teens Connect empowers Napa youth.