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NVYC Yoga Orchard

Our live outdoor classes are held at a picturesque private orchard property just 5 minutes from Napa Valley Yoga Center. We’re very grateful to the owner of this peaceful countryside oasis, and the Country Inn Retirement Home, for making this possible.

You will park at 1109 La Grande Avenue, Napa, which is the parking lot of the Country Inn Retirement Home. Use your smartphone to get you there, it’s very easy to find! Read on for directions, tips, and a map.


  1. Use your smartphone to guide you to 1109 La Grande Ave., Napa. This is the Country Inn Retirement Home.
  2. Park in the Country Inn parking lot.
  3. Walk through the parking lot, through the little gate, and walk down the gravel driveway towards the modern white house. It’s not far.
  4. You’ll see a lovely walnut orchard on your right! Walk into the orchard and there will be an open space where we’ll practice yoga. Your teacher will likely be there already to greet you!


Outdoor yoga is delightful, like a special yoga retreat. Feel your breath enlivened by the fresh breeze, and ground your practice using the earth and sky as your guides. You’ll feel extra connected after outdoor yoga. Come check it out!

  • The Yoga Orchard has both shady areas and sunny areas. There are lots of options for positioning yourself for balancing cool and warmth to your liking.
  • Pre-registration for class is required; please no drop-ins.
  • There is a large faux grass carpet that you can set your mat up on, however we do advise you bring a beach towel to lay your mat on, in case you prefer more sun, shade, or distance than the carpet provides.
  • There are no toilet facilities available onsite.
  • Please be respectful and honoring of the homeowner who has so generously made her orchard available to us.
  • Bring a water bottle, hat, long sleeve shirt, SPF